Current status of alternative sources of energy and their future prospects

Current status of alternative sources of energy Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuel. These alternatives are intended to address concerns about such fossil fuels, such as its high carbon dioxide emissions, an important factor in global warming. Marine energy, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal and solar power are all alternative … Read more

Distribution of key natural resources

NATURAL RESOURCES OF INDIA What are natural resources ? Natural resources¬†are useful raw materials that we get from the Earth. They occur naturally, which means that humans cannot make natural resources. Instead, we use and modify natural resources in ways that are beneficial to us. The materials used in human-made objects are natural resources. Some … Read more

17.01.18 (MPPCS) Madhya Pradesh Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH CM gets proposals for investments in state by five industrial groups ¬† Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was called on by the representatives of five Industrial Groups at CM House who gave proposals for investment in the State.   Chouhan met the representatives of Trident Group, Suzlon Energy, Vacmet India Ltd, Ultratech Cement … Read more

Natural & Power Resources of Madhya Pradesh

Natural & Power Resources of Madhya Pradesh Mineral resources Minerals in Madhya Pradesh occur in abundance in its several districts. The state of Madhya is said to have a favourable geotectonic setting that accommodates every episode of mineralisation the earth has experienced. It includes the occurrences of almost all varieties of minerals required as industrial … Read more

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