This module will teach you the basics of direct and indirect proportions. These concepts will further help you in time and work questions. Important Formulas – chain rule Direct ProportionTwo quantities are said to be directly proportional, if on the increase or decrease of the one, the other increases or decreases the same extent. … Read more


Profit and loss   IMPORTANT FACTS Cost Price: The price, at which an article is purchased, is called its cost price, abbreviated as C.P.   Selling Price: The price, at which an article is sold, is called its selling prices, abbreviated as S.P.   Profit or Gain: If S.P. is greater than C.P., the seller is said to have … Read more


  Mensuration is the branch of mathematics which deals with the study of different geometrical shapes, their areas and Volume. In the broadest sense, it is all about the process of measurement. It is based on the use of algebraic equations and geometric calculations to provide measurement data regarding the width, depth and volume of a … Read more

08.09.17 Madhya Pradesh (MPPCS) Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Madhya Pradesh seeks to quash Goldman-backed solar project.   Madhya Pradesh, India’s second largest state, has appealed to the country’s top court to quash a Goldman Sachs-backed solar project, highlighting the challenges faced by solar companies looking to expand in Asia’s third largest economy.   Madhya Pradesh’s attempts to scrap the agreement … Read more

07.09.17 Madhya Pradesh (MPPCS) Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Need to build bigger gaushalas for accommodating more cows: CM Chouhan   Stressing on the need to establish more gaushalas amid political ruckus over Gaurakhshakas in the state, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday said small gaushalas will not serve the purpose for thousands of stray or abandoned cows in the state. According to sources, … Read more

06.09.17 Madhya Pradesh (MPPCS) Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   No misuse of funds, Madhya Pradesh government tells HC   The discretion of release of compensation rests with chief minister and the funds are subject to audit, thus, there can be no misuse of funds, said the state government in its reply submitted before the Indore bench of Madhya Pradesh high court.   Responding … Read more

05.09.17 Madhya Pradesh (MPPCS) Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Discom introduces one more option for online payment   Power consumers opting to pay their electricity bill through online payment mode now have one more option for this facility. Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd (MPPKVVCL) provides three online payment options for its consumers on its Urjas portal.   Discom receives around … Read more

03 & 04.09.17 Madhya Pradesh (MPPCS) Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   ·               Tribal youths to guard mines in Madhya Pradesh, says CM.   ð The Madhya Pradesh government will launch a special police recruitment drive for tribal youth belonging to Sahariya, Bhariya and Baiga communities. The candidates can skip the written examination of Vyapam and will be selected on the basis of merit. The drive … Read more

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