DMPQ-. Give a brief description of Paul Appleby’s criticism of CAG’s Auditing responsibility.

Paul H Appleby, in his two reports on Indian Administration, was very critical of the role of CAG and attacked the significance of his work5. He also suggested that the CAG should be relieved of the responsibility of audit. In other words, he recommended the abolition of the office of CAG. His points of criticism of Indian audit are as follows: The function of the CAG in India, is in a large measure, an inheritance from the colonial rule. The CAG is today a primary cause of widespread and paralysing unwillingness to decide and to act. Auditing has a repressive ... Read more

DMPQ-Monolithic pillars are epitome of Mauryan architecture.” Elucidate.

. Monolithic pillars and capitols made during this period are prime example of Mauryan art. The  important places where the pillars have been found are Basarah-Bakhira, Lauriya-Nandangarh,  Rampurva, Sankisa and Sarnath. These pillars were carved in two types of stone viz. the spotted  red and white sandstone from the region of Mathura and buff-coloured fine grained hard  sandstone usually with small black spots quarried inthe Chunar near Varanasi.The uniformity of  style in the pillar capitals suggests that they were all sculpted bycraftsmen from the same  region. Bull capitol of Rampurva, Lion Capitol of Lauriya-Nandangarh, and Sarnath Capitol, found  near Varanasi, ... Read more

DMPQ-Write an essay on Simon Bolivar’s role in latin America’s freedom.

When Napoleon named Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain and its colonies, which included Venezuela, Bolívar joined the resistance movement. The resistance group based in Caracas gained independence in 1810, and Bolívar traveled to Britain on a diplomatic mission. The fight for control of Caracas, Venezuela and most of South American continued on back home. Finally, Bolívar returned to Venezuela and began a campaign to wrest control of that country from the Spanish. He and his followers invaded Venezuela on May 14, 1813; this marked the beginning of his “Campaña Admirable” (Admirable Campaign), which resulted in the formation of the Venezuelan ... Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the role of e-governance in India’s rural development.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a key role in development & Economic growth of Rural India. Political, Cultural, Socio-economic Developmental & Behavioral decisions today rests on the ability to access, gather, analyze and utilize Information and Knowledge. ICT is the conduits that transmit information and knowledge to individual to widen their choices for Economic and social empowerment. In near future people will be carrying a handheld computer connected to the Web to get the information about the World at their fingertips. Government of India is having an ambitious objective of transforming the citizen-government interaction at all levels to by ... Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the CAG’s relationship with public corporations.

The role of CAG in the auditing of public corporations is limited. Broadly speaking, his relationship with the public corporations falls into the following three categories: Some corporations are audited totally and directly by the CAG, for example, Damodar Valley Corporation, Oil and Natural Gas Commission, Air India, Indian Airlines Corporation, and others. Some other corporations are audited by private professional auditors who are appointed by the Central Government in consultation with the CAG. If necessary, the CAG can conduct supplementary audit. The examples are, Central Warehousing Corporation, Industrial Finance Corporation, and others. Some other corporations are totally subjected to ... Read more

DMPQ-Write an essay on the rise of modern Japan.

Japan was the only country to remain outside colonial clutches. Japanese military generals called  ‘shoguns’ ruled Japan for more than 200 years and emperor was mere figurehead. Japanese  society was almost feudal and it was largely disconnected from the wider world. Japan awakened to the modern development in middle  of 19th century only when its very independence was  threatened. Within a few decades, it not only warded  off that threat, but even became a force to be reckon  with. In 1853, Commodore Perry led a fleet to Japan  and threatened it with an ultimatum. Japan had to open  two of ... Read more

DMPQ-How does ENSO (El-Nino southern oscillation) phenomenon effects Monsoon in India ?

. The El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is an irregular cycle of change in wind and sea surface temperatures over the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean, affecting the climate of much of the tropics and subtropics. The warming phase of the sea temperature is known as El Nino and the cooling phase as La Nina. This sea temperature oscillation is accompanied by an oscillation in the weather patterns in the tropical western Pacific. The monsoon influences environmental conditions in much of Asia, hence impacting most of the densely populated region of our planet. Differential heating of the north Indian Ocean and the ... Read more

DMPQ-Briefly describe photonics. Also mention the need of photonics.

. Photonics is the science of light. It is the technology of generating, controlling, and detecting light waves and photons, which are particles of light. The characteristics of the waves and photons can be used to explore the universe, cure diseases, and even to solve crimes. Scientists have been studying light for hundreds of years. The colors of the rainbow are only a small part of the entire light wave range, called the electromagnetic spectrum. Photonics explores a wider variety of wavelengths, from gamma rays to radio, including X-rays, UV and infrared light. The impact of photonics in our daily ... Read more

DMPQ-Describe the role and objectives of Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities.

. In pursuance of the provision of Article 350-B of the Constitution, the office of the Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities was created in 1957. He is designated as the Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities. The Commissioner takes up all the matters pertaining to the grievances arising out of the non- implementation of the Constitutional and Nationally Agreed Scheme of Safeguards provided to linguistic minorities that come to its notice or are brought to its knowledge by the linguistic minority individuals, groups, associations or organisations at the highest political and administrative levels of the state governments and UT administrations and recommends ... Read more

DMPQ-What is Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). How does it effects India’s climate.

The Inter Tropical  Convergence Zone (ITCZ) or Thermal Equator is a broad trough of low pressure in  equatorial latitudes (it always remains on the north of the equator due to effect of  landmass). This is where the northeast and the southeast trade winds converge and this  is a low pressure zone. This convergence zone lies more or less parallel to the equator  but moves north or south with the apparent movement of the sun. At the time of  monsoons, it shifts towards north (towards India) and hence attracts moisture laden  winds. According to meteorologists, Monsoon is the result of the ... Read more