DMPQ-Define Anticyclones. Discuss the different types of Anticyclones.

Get MPPSC DMPQ PDF Checkout Added to cart Anticyclones are centres of high pressure.They are surrounded by closed isobars having decreasing pressure outward.  The circulation is from central high pressure towards the periphery in such a way that air blows outwards in a clockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere and anticlockwise direction in the southern … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the different types of permanent winds.

Get MPPSC DMPQ PDF Checkout Added to cart Permanent winds are also called invariable or planetary wind systems because they blow over larger areas of the earth. They blow in the same direction throughout the year. Trade Winds These flow from subtropical high-pressure belts to equatorial low-pressure belts in both hemispheres north and south. These … Read more

DMPQ-Write an essay on Secondary or seasonal Winds.

Get MPPSC DMPQ PDF Checkout Added to cart . These winds change their directions with the seasonal changes or periodically. Monsoon Winds A monsoon wind is a seasonal wind found especially in Asia that reverses direction between summer and winter and often brings heavy rains. The Asiatic monsoon is the result of the interaction of … Read more

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