DMPQ- Highlight the Possible Solutions of the Energy Crisis in India.

  Move Towards Renewable Resources The best possible solution is to reduce the world’s dependence on non-renewable resources and to improve overall conservation efforts. Much of the industrial age was created using fossil fuels, but there is also known technology that uses other types of renewable energies – such as steam, solar and wind. The … Read more

DPPQ- Economic Developement and Indian Rankings

India’s rank in Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2019 is 71 58 80 132 option3   Question:-India’s rank in Global Competitiveness Index by WEF is 71 58 80 132 option2   Question:-India’s rank in International Intellectual Property (IP) Index 2019 26 36 46 56 option2   Question:-India’s rank in World Economic Forum (WEF) gender gap … Read more


Question:Machineries in an industry are an example of >>>Working Capital >>>Fixed Capital >>>Financial Capital >>>Production Capital >>>option2 Question:Finished goods in an industry are an example of >>>Working Capital >>>Fixed Capital >>>Financial Capital >>>Production Capital >>>option1 Question:Money invested by a venture capitalist in an industry is an example of >>>Working Capital >>>Fixed Capital >>>Financial Capital >>>Production … Read more

DPPQ- Basics of Economics

Question:Brach of Economics which examines the economic behaviour of Individual actors is >>>Macroeconomics >>>Microeconomics >>>Mesoeconomics >>>Metaeconomics >>>option2 Question:Brach of Economics which studies the intermediate level of economic organizations is >>>Macroeconomics >>>Microeconomics >>>Mesoeconomics >>>Metaeconomics >>>option3 Question:Study of Poverty and Inflation is the scope of >>>Macroeconomics >>>Microeconomics >>>Mesoeconomics >>>Metaeconomics >>>option1 Question:Keynesian macronimics suggests the following policies >>>contraction … Read more

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