DPPQ Geography

DMPQ- Mention the properties of ideal fuel.

  It should possess high calorific value. It should have proper ignition temperature. The ignition temperature of the fuel should neither be too low nor too high. It should not produce poisonous products during combustion. In other words, it should not cause pollution o combustion. It should have moderate rate of combustion. Combustion should be easily controllable i.e., combustion of fuel should be easy to start or stop as and when required. It should not leave behind much ash on combustion. It should be easily available in plenty. It should have low moisture content. It should be cheap. It should ... Read more

DPPQ- Indian Geography-An Introduction

Question:India latitudenally and longitudenally lies in the following hemissphere respectively >>>Northern-Eastern >>>Northern-Western >>>Southern-Eastern >>>Southern-Western Question:Southernmost point of India is >>>Indira Point >>>Indira Island >>>Indira col >>>Indira cot Question:India’s extent is greatest in >>>North-South >>>East-West >>>Both Equal >>>None Question:Longest coastline of India is in the state of >>>Gujarat >>>Andhra Pradesh >>>West Bengal >>>Tamilnadu Question:Length of the coastline of mainland India is about >>>6100 >>>6200 >>>6300 >>>6000 Question:Tropic of Cancer doesnt passes through >>>Bihar >>>Jharkhand >>>Madhya Pradesh >>>Chhattisgarh Question:India has largest international border with >>>Bangladesh >>>China >>>Pakistan >>>Bhutan Question:Which Indian state has the largest International border >>>Jammu and Kashmir >>>West Bengal >>>Rajasthan ... Read more