DPPQ- Sources of Indian Constiturion

Provisions related to the office of governor are borrowed from GOI Act of 1935 British Constitution US Constitution Canadian Constitution option1   Question:-Provisions related to rule of law are borrowed from GOI Act of 1935 British Constitution US Constitution Canadian Constitution option2   Question:-Provisions related to Fundamental Rights are borrowed from GOI Act of 1935 … Read more

DPPQ- Sailent Features of the Constitution

Original constitution of 1949 has how many articles? 319 421 395 439 option3   Question:-Change of State boundry needs Special Majority under Art 368 Special majority and ractification by half of the states Simple Majority None option3   Question:-Flexiblity of Indian constitution is a……….. Feature. Fedral Unitary Both None option2   Question:-Indian constitution has been … Read more

DPPQ- Major Articles of Indian Constitution

Uniform Civil Code is mentioned in the article 32 42 44 34 option3   Question:-Organization of Village Panchayat  is mentioned in the article 38 42 44 40 option4   Question:-Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institute  is mentioned in the article 27 28 29 30 option4   Question:-Freedom of speech is protected  under … Read more

DPPQ- Indian Constitution Introductory Test

Question 1.         First attempt in world to constituent a constituent assembly to frame a constitution was made by:                Option1.              USA       Option2.              The Great Britain              Option3.              Canada option4.               France Question2.          The number of representatives of the Rajya Sabha from states and union territories are among which one of the following? Option1)              238         option2)               212         option3)               200         … Read more

DPPQ-Constitutional Developement in India

Question:Which of the following has the greatest influence on Indian Constitution >>>GOI Act 1935 >>>British Constitution >>>American Constitution >>>Canadian Constitution >>> >>>option1 Question:Which of the following end the dual government >>>Regulation Act of 1773 >>>Pits India Act of 1784 >>>Charter Act of 1793 >>>Charter Act of 1813 >>> >>>option1 Question:Which of the following established a … Read more

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