DMPQ-Throw light on the Objectives and Accomplishments of AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank).

Objectives of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Promoting sustainable economic development, creating wealth, and augmenting infrastructure connectivity in Asia by investing in infrastructure & other productive sectors. Fostering regional partnership & cooperation to address developmental challenges by working in tandem with other bilateral and multilateral developmental institutions. Enhancing investment in private & public capital for development … Read more

DMPQ-Trace the past incidents which led the Russia-Ukraine Conflict.

Following the 2004 Presidential election in Ukraine, a series of protests and civil unrest occurred in the country, dubbed the Orange Revolution.  The corruption and malpractice charges in voting alleged by the protestors were upheld by the Supreme Court and the court annulled the election results. Viktor Yushchenko was declared the winner following the re-election. … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss India-Japan Relations in the wake of recent Japan PM’s Visit to India for India-Japan Annual Summit.

The Tri-Service Exchanges between Japan and India have been institutionalized completing the triad. Coast Guards have had regular annual exchanges since 2006. Japan is regarded as a key partner in India’s economic transformation. In the recent past, the India-Japan relationship has transformed into a partnership of great substance and purpose. Reaffirming the Special Strategic and … Read more

DMPQ-Although relations between India and France are reaching high point but there are still some challenges. Discuss the future of Indo-France relations by mentioning those challenges. Answer.

Challenges in India-France relations France’s commitment to ‘BRI’ (Belt and Road Initiative) is in stark contrast to India’s position on the same. Presently cooperation on Indo-Pacific is merely symbolic. Need deep coordination between both navies. Reciprocal logistics support is a right step in this direction. Thermal power still feasible and economic than solar in India, … Read more

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