Political, Economic, Social and Cultural History of India from 11 to 18  Century  AD.

Deewans Of Mysore Khilji Pala Dynasty Yadavas The Bahmani Sultanate Pandyan Contributions 11.Cultural Achievements Of Pallavas Bundelas Chalukyas Delhi Sultanate Gajapatis Gurjar Prathihar Ikshvakus And Their Cultural Contribution Kingdom Of Vijaynagar Krishna Raja Lodhi Dynasty Mughal Empire Pahlava Dynasty Pallavas Paramar Dynasty Persian Pre Medival Rajputas (1) Rashtrakutas (1) Solanki Of Gujrat The Chandelas The … Read more

Indian Cultural Heritage

Educational Institutes Taxila, Nalanda And Vallabhi Hindu Sects Cathedral Architecture 3.Antiquity And Stratification Of Vedic Literature Advent Of Islam Age Of Epics And Dharm Shastra Art Forms Christian Doctrine And Theology (1) Comparative Study Of Indian And Western Philosophy Contribution Of Aryabhatta In Mathematics DILWARA TEMPLES (1) Decline Of Handicrafts During British Period (1) Development … Read more

Bhopal State

Bhopal State The state was established in 1724 by the Afghan Sardar Dost Mohammed Khan, who was a commander in the Mughal army posted at Mangalgarh, which lies to the north of the modern city of Bhopal. Taking advantage of the disintegration of the Mughal empire, he usurped Mangalgarh and Berasia (now a tehsil of … Read more

Scindia dynasty

Scindia dynasty Gwalior has been ruled by the Scindia clan and also has the distinction of having been one of the most developed states of India. Gwalior has a very old and magnificent history as its name is derived from the erstwhile town of Gwalior also known and Gawalier. Gwalior has been ruled by many … Read more

Holkar dynasty

Holkar dynasty The Holkars are perhaps one of the most popular royalties in the history of Madhya pradesh, particularly because they contributed greatly and also had a distinctive style of their own. The Holkar clan of Indore are basically from the Dangar clan that is found in Maharashtra. The origin of the Holkar dynasty was … Read more

History of Baghelkhand

History of Baghelkhand This is not very clear but there are few theories that how the name Baghel came and those are: The King of Anhil Bada, Gujrat King Kumarpal VIII had given a village to his same cast thakurs in a village called Vyaghrapalli and it was also called as Baghel. When the Thakur … Read more

Kingdoms of Bundelkhand

Kingdoms of Bundelkhand Bundelkhand lies between the Indo-Gangetic plains and the Vindhya mountain range in India. As per mythological texts, Dandaka, the son of Ishwaku (one of the earliest Aryan kings), set up this kingdom of Bundelkhand. His descendents set up the Chedi kingdom, which is even mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. In the historical … Read more

Impact of British Rule on Indian Economy and Society

Social conditions Indian society underwent many changes after the British came to India. In the 19th century, certain social practices like female infanticide, child marriage, sati, polygamy and a rigid caste system became more prevalent. These practices were against human dignity and values. Women were discriminated against at all stages of life and were the … Read more