Nov 2018

30.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram witness 75 per cent polling   Over 75 per cent of voters in Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram voted in the assembly elections in the two states where incumbent governments are seeking a straight fourth and third terms in office respectively.   In the state’s remaining three Maoist-affected constituencies of Balaghat district’s Baihar, Lanji and Paraswada, polling was recorded at 78 per cent, 79.07 per cent and 80.06 per cent respectively.  INTERNATIONAL   NASA’s InSight spacecraft successfully lands on Mars   NASA’s robotic InSight lander successfully landed on Mars after the six-month journey.   The US space agency’s InSight ... Read more

29.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   1 polling centre to be selected in each constituency for matching results with VVPAT   As per the directive of the Election Commission of India, one polling centre will be selected on a random basis in every Vidhan Sabha constituency and the slip of the VVPAT used in the centre will be matched essentially with the results displayed in the EVM Control Unit.   This work will be in the presence of candidates / election agents and central observer. It will be videographed also.   For the selection of the polling centre, a white paper of 1×1 ... Read more

28.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   ·        Central India’s first lit fest at Bharat Bhavan from Jan 12 to 14   The first ever literature and art festival of Central India– Heartland Stories- will be held from January 12 to 14 at multi art centre Bharat Bhawan.   To ensure a wholesome and enhanced experience the Festival is being organized in three parallel sessions with the specialists speaking from their books on subjects as varied as Art and Lifestyle, Dialogue and Discussion, History and Mythology, Biography, Environment and Conservation, Defence and Diplomacy, Culture and Society, India: The Path Ahead and Memory and Creativity ... Read more

27.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Madhya Pradesh Festival : PachmarhiUtsav   PachmarhiUtsav is held every last week of December, feature the best of folk art from Madhya Pradesh and all over India, with demonstration, workshop, and exhibition. For five days, every evening a cultural evening is organized that feature artists of national and international repute.   There are also many stalls inside the festival that serves scrumptious food. Inside the exhibition, the things on display are carpets, bamboo, dress materials, and sculptures produced specially by the local people. So, plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh in such a way that tourists can ... Read more

26.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Emergency highway airstrip to come up near Dwarka   The construction of an airstrip for emergency landings, between Datrana and Jawanpar villages on the national highway between Limbdi and Khambhaliya near Dwarka has begun.   The minister of state for road transport and highways said there were plans to set up 11 such emergency landing airstrips on national highways in seven states, for timely relief during natural disasters or other such untoward event. Apart from the airstrip in Gujarat, two each in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Jammu and Kashmir and one each in West Bengal and Odisha have been ... Read more

24-25.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Bhopal to host first ever ‘Adventure Next’ on Dec 4, 5   Bhopal would host the first ever international Adventure Next on December 4 and 5.   The event will be inaugurated at International Convention Centre (Minto Hall) the on December 4. The events under it will be at Tribal Museum also.   The main hall of the venue has been named Raja Bhoj Hall, the market place as Chowk Bazar and the food zone as Annapoorna for this prestigious event.   The main objective of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is to make adventure travel ... Read more

23.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH     Madhya Pradesh Culture : FAIR OF JAGESHWARI DEVI & Nagaji   Fair of jageshwari devi is held in Chanderi of Guna district since time immemorial. There is an anecdote that the ruler of Chanderi was a devotee of Jageshwari Devi. He had leprosy. Devi asked him to come to a place after 15 days. But Raja arrived there on the third day only. At that time only the head of Devi appeared. His leprosy was cured and from that day this fair started.   FAIR OF NAGAJI   In November – December, this fair is organised ... Read more

22.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Madhya Pradesh Culture : Tansen Music Festival   Tansen Musical Festival is a wonderful platform to hear some soulful rhythms of classical and folk music . The festival is the oldest and one of the best musical festivals in India and is a tribute to legendary musical maestro Tansen. Music legend Tansen was one of the nine gems of Akbar’s court and took folk music to a new level by composing eloquent ragas. During the festival, musical personages gather under Tansen Tomb and do make musical performances for four days. The fest acts as an amazing platform ... Read more

21.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   Madhya Pradesh Festivals: Chethiyagiri Vihara Festival   One can see the massive moment of Buddhist monks and followers during the Chethiyagiri Vihara Festival to Sanchi. People come here to see the relics of the two great disciples of the Buddha, Sariputta, and Mahamogallena. All these relics were founded in the stupa no 3 of Sanchi in the year 1853. Nowadays, these artifacts of great Buddhist people are displayed just for this festival and pilgrims come from around the world to pay homage to them. These relics were endowed in the stupa no 3 of Sanchi in the ... Read more

20.11.18 (MPPSC) Madhya PradeshCurrent Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH     Madhya Pradesh Culture : Nagaji Fair   Mainly celebrated in the tribal area of Madhya Pradesh, Fair of Nagaji is celebrated to remember the great saint, Saint Nagaji. He is being paid respect through this fair who lived about 400 years ago during Mughal Emperor Akbar’s reign. Earlier, monkey trade used to take place during the festival and nowadays, only domestic animal trading takes place. Other than trading, many cultural and traditional events also take places during the festival. Musical performances by the tribal group are the eye-candy of the festival.  INTERNATIONAL   ·        Definition of ... Read more