DMPQ Premium- Discuss the major mineral resources found in Madhya pradesh.

Minerals in Madhya Pradesh occur in abundance in its several districts. In terms of the mineral production the state ranks third next only to Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh. The state of Madhya is said to have a favourable geotectonic setting that accommodates every episode of mineralisation the earth has experienced.


Limestone forms an important segment of mineral resources of Madhya Pradesh. As per the available statistics of Indian Bureau of Mines, the total reserve of limestone in the state is around 4.79 percent of the total national reserve of several million tonnes.


Another significant mineral resource of the state is Bauxite. The state has vast deposits of Bauxite, mainly in Balaghat district, Mandla district, Shahdol district, Rewa district, and Sidhi district. The highest degree of bauxite deposits of Jabalpur district are mainly used for calcinations to be used in refractory units.


Coal constitutes the vital raw material required for consumption in the energy sector. The state of Madhya Pradesh contributes about 14.09 percent of the total national reserve of coal. Madhya Pradesh has a large tract of favourable rock formation where coal is found which is distributed in Shahdol district, Chhindwara district, Betul district, Narsinghpur district and Sidhi district.

Manganese Ore

High strategic importance is given to Manganese Ore. Madhya Pradesh is India’s foremost source of manganese ore with a reserve of around 23.64 million tonnes accounting for near about 14.13 percent of the national reserve.

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