DMPQ- Comment on the contribution of Jyoti rao phule towards Indian society.

Jyoti rao phule is considered as one of the major reformer of 19th century. His contribution towards women education, eradication of caste system, raising voice against the social evils like untouchability  etc. is unparalleled in the Modern history.

Jyotirao established the first girls’ school in August 1848. Later he also opted two more school for girls and lower caste- Mahars and Mangs.  In September 1873, he established satyashodak samaj which worked for equal rights  of peasants and lower caste. He also fought for widow upliftment and opposed child marriage.

He introduced the world Dalit to identify the persecuted section amongst the varna system. He also educated his wife savitribhai phule. She also became the pioneer figure. She worked towards women education, female infanticide.  Both of them were way ahead of times, the faced adversaries from society, but they continued their work to wards the progress of society. Their work got recognised and finally found permanent place in the constitution in article 46, 15, 16 etc. Through their writings which were mainly in Marathi, they advocated values of humanism, liberty, equality, brotherhood , nationalism and the importance of education among others.

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