DMPQ-Discuss the recent efforts by India to reduce the pollution caused by coal mines.

The impact of mining activities involving drilling, blasting, loading, and transport of coal is the generation and dispersion of suspended particulate matter in the atmosphere for which various air pollution control measures have been prescribed.

  • Generation and propagation of dust are controlled at the source by the installation of fixed sprinklers at CHPs, coal stockyards, weighbridges, and along transportation roads.
  • Mobile water sprinklers are deployed along the haul roads and road transport road.
  • Long-throw fog canons have been deployed in mines and industrial establishments The mist-type water spraying system has been installed along with the conveyor belts / Bunkers in major coal handling plants. The sides of CHPs are covered by side cladding with GI Sheet to control pollution at the source.
  • Control blasting techniques with proper delay detonators and explosives are used for the mitigation of dust generation and ground vibration during blasting operations.
  • Coal companies are deploying modern equipment having environment-friendly features, like Surface Miner in coal that eliminates the drilling, blasting, and crushing operations in coal and hence, in turn, obviates pollution caused due to these operations.
  • Use of drills fitted with wet drilling and dust extractors to control the generation of dust.
  • To avoid spillage of Coal from trucks on road – all loaded coal transporting trucks are covered by tarpaulin and also overloading of trucks are prohibited Transport haul roads are kept well maintained and Concrete/blacktopped roads are being developed for better stability and durability; Mines have deployed mechanical sweepers and other methods for dry sweeping of roads.
  • First Mile Connectivity (FMC) projects are being implemented to replace road transport through mechanical loading and conveying systems Avenue and peripheral plantation to arrest the propagation and dispersion of dust significantly.
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