Madhya Pradesh industrial development

S.No        District                       Product

1 Balaghat     Bamboo Craft, Seesal fiber

2 Betul          Bell Metal

3 Bhopal            Embroidery, Zarizardoji, Bamboo

4 Burhanpur      Banana Fiber

5 Bagh (Dhar)            Hand block printing

6 Budhni (Sehore)     Lacqueware

7 Chhatarpur           Copperware

8 Datia           Block printing, Brass metal products

9 Gwalior       Leather crafts, stone crafts

10 Dindori           Wrought Iron, tribal paintings

11 Hoshangabad       Wood craft

12 Harda      Bamboo crafts

13 Indore        Cone craft, hand block printing, leather craft ,embroidery

14 Jabalpur      Stone craft

15 Jobat (Alirajpur)       Tribal jewellery

16 Katni                 Stone craft

17 Mandla          Wood craft

18 Mandsaur               Thewa art, Artificial jewellery

19 Rewa                       Lacqueware

20 Sarangpur(Rajgarh)    Hand block printing

21 Sheopur                         kala Lacqueware

22 Shajapur                   Paper Mache


23 Seoni            Seesal, Bamboo craft

24 Tikkamgarh     Bell metal

25 Tarapur (Neemuch)     Hand block printing

26 Ujjain                  Batik printing

27 Dewas             Leather craft


M.P. Hastshilp evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd:-

M.P. Hastshilp evam Hathkargha Vikas Nigam Ltd. is agency working to

conserve the heritage and to increase the employment and is playing important

role in economic expansion. In 12th Five year plan Handicraft and Handloom

Clusters craftsmen/weaver basic amenities (Road, Water, Electricity, Health,

Pre-loom, Post loom facility etc) will be provided. {Handicrafts are mostly defined as “Items made by hand, often with the use of simple tools and are generally artistic and/or traditional in nature.}. The M.P. Hast Shilp vikas Nigam Ltd. is implementing programmes with the financial assistance of the state govt. and the various undertakings Development-cum-Collection centers are run at regional level for providing designs, technical help/guidance, raw material, job work training, marketing aid etc. the Nigam is also organizing exhibitions at state and national levels.


Cluster vs district + Vishwakarma state award scheme:-

S.No Cluster District/Place

  1. Handloom cluster -àWaraseoni, Chanderi, Maheshwar, saunsar, Rajgarh, Sidhi, Rewa, Gwlior, and Indore
  2. Wood carving cluster —à-Hoshngabad, Mandla, Chhindwara, Shahdol, Rewa and Bhopal
  3. Bamboo cluster -à Bhopal, Chindwara, Balaghat, Khandwa and Shahdol
  4. Bellmetal Cluster-à Betul,Tikamgarh, Datia, Mandla
  5. Jute/Sisal cluster-à Bhopal, Seoni, Chindwara, Vidisha, Ragogarh, Sarangpur, Betul, Raisen
  6. Hand Printing cluster-à Bagh, Ujjain, Indore, Tarapur, Jobat
  7. Leather -àIndore, Dewas, Gwalior

8 Lacquerware -à Budni, Sheopurkalan, Rewa, Panna (Chitrakoot)

  1. Zari zardoji/ Tailoringembroidery cluster-àIndore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Sehore, Vidisha,Hoshngabad
  2. Thewa craft and white jewellery-àMandsaur, Ratlam
  3. Rot iron -àDindori (Mandla)

12 Stone craft -à Gwalior, Jabalpur, Sarangpur, Shivpuri,Tikamgarh

13 Bead work/ Artificial jewellery cluster-àJobat, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Gwalior

  1. Handmade paper/Paper machine -àUjjain, Chindwara, Badwani, Gwalior,


  1. Terracota -àHoshngabad, Betul, Chattarpur, Mandla
  2. Carpet/Dari craft -àRaisen, Dewas, Rewa, Sidhi, Jobat,Vidisha, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Shahdol,Mandla
  3. Various crafts (Supari, Dolls making, Painting)—àJabhua, Rewa, Sarangpur, mandla

Vishwakarma state award scheme –

In this scheme the craftsmen will be given Rs. 1.00 lakhs as first prize, Rs.

50000/- as Second prize, Third prize 25000/- and consolation prize of Rs.

10000/- will be given to those craftsmen and weavers who will be winners of

the competition.


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