Tourism places in Madhya Pradesh


Classification of Tourist places in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Old caves
  2. Historical caves
  3. Royal palaces
  4. Samadhi Tombs
  5. Natural beautiful Palace and National Park
  6. Religious Pilgrim Place
  • There are 20 caves of Udaigiri near Bhelsa in Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh.these caves belong to 4th or 5th century A.D.which present a unique architectural example of Gupta period.
  • 12km away from Ujjain near Kaliadah temple there are Bharthari caves.constructed in the memory of Raja Bharthari by Kings of Parmar dynasty in 11th century. Pictures in cave are coloured.
  • Bagh caves are in Vindhyan range 125 km away from Mandu,97 km away from Dhar and 154 km away from Indore,Bagh caves are very much contemporary to Ajanta caves in artistic frescoes.also known as pandav caves.outside the cave there is a picture of Yaksharaj.
  • Gwalior Fort was constructed by Raja Suraj Sen.its huge , large and strong fort, that it is knon as the Jewels of the fort.


Historical Forts of Madhya Pradesh :

  1. Gwalior fort
  2. Dhar- fort
  3. Asirgarh fort
  4. Chanderi fort
  5. Ginnaurgarh fort
  6. Raisain fort
  7. Bandhacgarh fort
  8. Ajaigarh fort
  9. Orcha fort.
  10. Mandla-ka-fort
  11. Mandsaur-ka-fort
  12. Narwar –ka –fort
  • Chanderi fort , situated at the river Betwa was constructed by Kirtipal , Pratihar king in 11th century.Jharkund,Hawa Mahal and Naukhanda Mahal of this fort.near about 800 Rajput women committed ‘Johar’ at the time of Babar’s attack.
  • Ginnaurgarh fort was constructed in 13th centuey by Maharaja Udai-Burman.its nearby area is known as Toto area. The ridge on which this fort is constructed is known as Asharfi hill. It is said that attackers of Ginnaurgarh fort had to pay a Asharfi for each Tokri of sand.
  • Bandhavgarh is 30 km away from Umaria enroute to Katni- Bilaspur route of south-Eastern Railway.height of this fort is 900 meter in dense ravine forest of vindhyan range.
  • Orcha fort is an indication of bravery, strength and gallantry of Bundela dynasty rulers.
  • Ajaigarh was constructed by Raja Ajaipal.
  • Mandla fort is surrounded by river Narmada at three sides and towards the fourth side is a deep trench.this fort has been centre of Gaur emperors.
  • In 14th century Mandsaur fort was constructed by Allauddin Khilzi.
  • Tansen ,the famous musician was one of the nine gems of the court of great emperor Akbar.Tnsen Tomb is at Gwalior.

Worth Seening Places in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Gujri Mahal ( Gwalior)
  2. Moti Mahal ( Gwalior)
  3. Baghalin Mahal ( Mandla)
  4. Madan Mhal ( Jabalpur)
  5. Jai vilas ( Gwalior)
  6. Kharbuja Mahal (Dhar)
  7. Palace of Raja Rohit (Raisen)
  8. Badal Mahal
  9. Hawa Mahal
  10. Iteadar Mahal
  11. Nau khara Mahal
  12. Raja Aman ka palace
  13. Raj mandir
  • Amarkantak , situated in south –eastern part of maikal range in pushp Rajgarh Tahsil of Shahdol dist in one of the sacred places of India .
  • Chitrakoot, a religious place situated at the border of uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.said that Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh took Bal- Avtar at this place.
  • Sanchi, is the only place where the sample of BUDHA PERIOD sculptures are found , stupa , Chaitya temple and Vihar all are the beautiful tamples.

New Tourist Policy

  • An annual rebate of 10% on recreation as well as luxury projects of more than 10 lac.
  • Proposal to provide evening recreation.
  • Development of Gwalior , Datia , Orcha , Bhopal , Khajurao , Mandu , Sanchi and Burhanpur as cultural touristism.
  • Kanha , panna, Bandhavgarh , satpura , penchvelly , National forest park , timra lake , Bara Talab , Bhopal , Amarkantak Gandhi sagar , Gwalior , Mandsaur for wilflife and thrilling tourism.
  • Pachmari , Mainpat , Khajurao , Tamia , Bhopal , Gwalior , Indore , Jabalpur are the places of recreation and commercial TOURISM.
  • Ujjan , Maheshwar , Omkareshwar , chitrakoot , sanchi , orcha etc places have been recongnised as religious tourist places.
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