Dedication to public service

Dedication: Definition

Dedication suggests voluntary commitment rather than rigidity.  Dedication is calm and measured. There is no element of harshness or punishment in dedication. If discipline is the stick, then dedication is a voluntary willingness and desire to reach for the carrot without the threat of that stick.

Dedication implies a level of mastery. It is the point at which you no longer need to apply discipline because your creative work flows out of your own organic desire to do that work.

Dedication is the eminence of people to be devoted or loyal to a duty or purpose, thought or action. Dedication is vital personality trait of an individual. In organizational framework, faithful employees work towards achieving the organizational goals. Dedication will carry person through a lack of motivation. It is his ability to continue acting when motivation is lacking. Dedication will drive to certain task rapidly. There are some occupation in which employees dedicate their lives to public service even sacrificing their personal life and comfort.

Dedication to public service

In India we often find that bureaucrats are doing their duty just because they are obliged to do so. They are under formal commitment to perform their duty. But such attitude is not going to help much as in developing countries like India civil servants need not only perform maintenance but they also play an important role in socio economic development of the country. The process of overcoming the destruction caused by imperial exploitation and embarking upon complex process of social reconstruction requires some extra efforts which can only be possible through dedication.

Dedication to public service involves integrating yourself with the idea of public good and public interest. Single minded relentless pursuit of public good is there. If a civil servant is dedicated his sense of duty is integrated with the responsibility which has been given to him. A dedicated person will remain motivated even if the task given to him is not exciting and unwanted.

Dedication ensures that the sense of duty becomes an end in itself. It is not dependent upon the nature of assignment given to a civil servant. Dedication to public service is very important, especially in countries like India. There will be many internal and external factors which will force you to deviate you from your goal. Under such condition it is your dedication towards the constitution as well as towards the policies of government which will help you in accomplishing your duty.

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