12.02.20 Madhya Pradesh (MPPCS) Daily Current Affairs

Govt offers Mrignayanee franchise
Mrignayanee — the popular handicraft and handloom brand that’s Madhya Pradesh’s cultural ambassador of sorts — is being offered up for franchise in the country and abroad.
The Nigam has established several Craft Development Centres and common facility centres right across Madhya Pradesh.
It has initiated meticulous surveys and documentation of the various kinds of handicrafts being practiced in the state.
To keep in tune with the changing time and modern tastes, the Nigam has started imparting skill upgradation, training, product designing and diversification programmes.
It has also been actively supporting the artisans of the state through participation in various national and international exhibition.


US President Donald Trump, likely to visit Ahmedabad on February 24

would participate in a grand roadshow in Ahmedabad and also tour the Sabarmati Ashram
will likely inaugurate a newly-built cricket stadium here with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The mega event at the stadium will be similar to the “Howdy, Modi!” event held in the US last year.
The stadium at Motera has a seating capacity of 1.10 lakh.

Assamese-speaking Muslim community to be recognized as an “ethnic tribe”
Assamese-speaking Muslims with population of 40 lakhs could be officially classified as an “ethnic tribe” instead of the loosely used nomenclature “indigenous Muslims” to distinguish them from “immigrant” Muslims
comprising of the Goria, Moria, Desi and tea-tribe Jolha communities of the Brahmaputra Valley.
The Gorias and Morias worked for Ahom kings and the Desis were originally Koch-Rajbongshis who converted to Islam. The tea-tribe Jolhas are people brought by the British from the Chotta Nagpur Plateau to work in the tea estates of Assam

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