17-07.2020 Daily MPPSC (Madhya Pradesh) Current Affairs

Shri Jagdev Ram Oraon passes away
Shri Jagdev Ram Oraon, who was dedicated to the welfare of forest dwellers and tribals passes awa
He was national president of All India Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram
Jagdev Ram had an unprecedented contribution towards the entire development of Vanvasi society and towards the self-respecting awakeningUTTARAKHAND
Festival Harela
With the aim of increasing green cover in urban spaces, the Uttarakhand government will be celebrating Harela festival this year.
Harela, which means ‘Day of Green’, is a green festival celebrated in Uttarakhand and some regions of Himachal Pradesh.
The Shravan Harela is celebrated on the first day of Shravan month of Hindu calendar

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