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Night Safari Introduced in Madhya Pradesh



Madhya Pradesh has introduced night safari tours in three national parks in Madhya Pradesh on March 4, 2021. Highlights:


With the introduction of night safaris in the three national parks of Madhya Pradesh, wildlife lovers can now experience majestic animals at night.


The three parks include Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park and Pench National Park.


Usually, day trips are carried out during the day, because tourists feel safer during the day. But because of the day trip, tourists missed the opportunity to witness nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.


Therefore, the state now hopes to organize hunting activities in a controlled manner. Under the safari park, the route will be determined by the state. They will ensure that neither animals nor tourists are harmed.


Reservation for Night Safari  can be booked on the Wildlife Safari Reservation portal. The portal is operated by the State Forestry Department.


Bandhavgarh National Park: This national park located in the Umaria district (Madhya Pradesh). The park covers an area of 105 square kilometers. The Bandhavgarh park was declared a national park in 1968. It was designated as a tiger reserve in 1993. Currently, the core area covers 716 square kilometers. The tiger population density in Bandhavgarh is 8 tigers per square kilometer, which is the highest known population density. The park is also known as Panch National Park.


Pench National Park: This national park was established in Madhya Pradesh in 1975. The area is 257.26 square kilometers. The name of the park is taken from Pench River. The park was designated as a refuge in 1965, a national park in 1975, and a tiger reserve in 1992.





World Brain Day – 22nd July


World Brain Day is celebrated by the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) on July 22 each and every year, focusing on a different theme each year.


Many public awareness programmes and educational & social media activities promote the movement to stop multiple sclerosis, commencing July 22, 2021, & continuing until October 2022. The theme for this World Brain Day is “Stop Multiple Sclerosis”. World Brain Day advocates early diagnosis of this condition that can help improve the patient’s quality of life.



World Fragile X Day – 22nd July


World Fragile X Awareness Day is observed on July 22nd. On this day, various communities around the world illuminate various landmarks and monuments.


World Fragile X Day honours the families affected by Fragile X and raises awareness of the progress of cure-finding research.
Monuments and landmarks around the world are illuminated on World Fragile X Day.
World Fragile X Day began with the FRAXA Research Foundation collaborating with communities all over the world to raise Fragile X awareness while working toward effective treatments and a cure.






Roadmap of Rural Tourism Development and Draft National Strategy in India


The Ministry of Tourism has requested feedback/comments/suggestions on the draft National Strategy and Roadmap for Rural Tourism Development in India from all State Governments/UT Administrations.


Rural tourism refers to any type of tourism that highlights rural life, art, culture, and heritage in rural areas.

It benefits the local community economically and socially, as well as allowing tourists and locals to interact for a more enriching tourism experience.

Rural tourism can make a significant contribution to Aatmanirbhar Bharat’s mission if it is driven by the spirit of “Vocal for Local.”

The Ministry of Tourism has designated the Rural Circuit as one of the Swadesh Darshan Scheme’s thematic circuits.


Launch of National Logistics Excellence Awards

The government launches the National Logistics Excellence Award

About the National Logistics Excellence Awards:

The awards were created in order to draw attention to the logistics industry.

The awards are divided into two categories: logistics infrastructure/service providers in the first, and various user industries in the second.

The awards will recognise best practises such as consolidation, process standardisation, technological advancement, digital transformations, and sustainable practises.

The awards will highlight efforts in supply chain transformation, supplier ecosystem development, skill development, automation, and other similar endeavours for user industries.

The awards will also be an opportunity to recognise the extraordinary measures taken by organisations to address the deficiencies exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as last-mile delivery start-ups, the development of cold storage facilities, the effective transportation of oxygen, and the continuous supply of essential goods and services to the needy.


Indian Institute of Heritage to be set up in India


The central government has planned to set up the Indian Institute of Heritage at Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar.



This will impact higher education & research in the field of rich Indian heritage and its conservation, leading to Masters and PhD courses in History of Arts, Conservation, Museology, Archival Studies, Archaeology, Preventive Conservation, Epigraphy and Numismatics, Manuscriptology as well as conservation training facilities to in-service employees and students of the institute.


Startup India Showcase Platform


Nearly 104 start-up companies from different industries have joined the Startup India Showcase Platform.

About the Startup India Showcase Platform:

It is an online discovery platform for the country’s most promising startups.

It is an online platform that showcases the country’s best startups carefully selected through various DPIIT and Startup India programs.

All DPIIT-accredited startups under Startup India are eligible to apply for Showcase. Startups can apply on the Startup India website by filling in forms and uploading their promotional videos and catalogs.

The startups are chosen for the portal by an apex committee appointed by the DPIIT.

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