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Drone Squad starts at Panna Tiger Reserve

Taking an initiative to use state-of-the-art technology in wildlife conservation, Panna Tiger Reserve has started operating ‘Drone Squad’. Monthly action plan for “Drone Squad” operations is prepared every month.

Drone squads are helping in the search and rescue of wildlife, locating the source of wildfires and providing immediate information about its impact, avoiding the risk of potential human-animal conflict and ensuring compliance with wildlife conservation laws. The “Drone Squad”, which became available in Panna Tiger Reserve a month and a half ago, is proving to be very useful.

Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) has recently constituted a ‘Drone Squad’ for conservation, monitoring and management of wildlife. It is working successfully.

The Drone Squad consists of a drone, model ‘DJ1 Phantom Drone’. It works with enough battery to operate it for a long time. A vehicle has been specially kept for this. A drone operator is accompanied by an assistant. A monthly schedule is issued by the Drone Squad with clear guidelines regarding the operation and use of drones.

Currently, the use of drones is envisaged for law enforcement, surveillance, search and rescue of wild animals, forest fire detection and protection and reducing human-animal conflict. In the future, the use of drones will also be planned in the field of wildlife management, eco-tourism. It will also help in documentation of biodiversity.





World Water Monitoring Day is on 18th September


The World Water Monitoring Day is determined every year on September 18 when you consider that 2003 to extend public awareness and involvement in water monitoring and protecting water sources around the world.


This day is celebrated to increase public recognition and involvement in water monitoring and protecting water sources around the world.

The Water Monitoring Day engages people of all ages in monitoring the situation of local rivers, streams, estuaries and different water bodies. The theme 2021 is valuing water.

The day was determined in 2003 through America’s Clean Water Foundation (ACWF) as a global academic outreach program by enticing citizens to habitually monitor their neighborhood water bodies.

The tournament is now coordinated with the aid of the Water Environment Federation and the International Water Association.


World Bamboo Day – 18th September


World Bamboo Day is found each and every year on 18 September to raise attention to the benefits of bamboo & to promote its use in daily products.


Bamboos are used for a number of functions more often than not in East & Southeast Asia.

Bamboo is a very tall, tree-like grass of the Poaceae family. It includes greater than a hundred and fifteen genera and 1,400 species.

The theme of 2021 is ‘#PlantBamboo: It Is Time To Plant Bamboo’

WBD was formally declared by the World Bamboo Organization (WBO) on September 18 at the eighth World Bamboo Congress held in Bangkok in 2009.

The intention of the WBO is to bring the achievable use of bamboo to greater expanded exposure, to develop new cultivation of bamboo for new industries in regions across the globe, and to promote ordinary uses domestically for neighborhood financial development, etc.






First Carbon Capture by Tata Steel


Tata Steel has commissioned the first carbon capture plant of India that extracts CO2 at once from the blast furnace gas, at its Works of Jamshedpur. By this achievement, Tata Steel has come to be the country’s first steel corporation to adopt such a carbon seize technology. The CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization) plant was inaugurated by T.V. Narendran (CEO and MD of Tata Steel) in the presence of employer officers and different dignitaries.



The plant can seize 5 tonnes of CO2 per day (5-tonne per day (TPD)). The agency will reuse the captured CO2 on-site in order to promote a circular carbon economy.

The CCU facility uses amine-based technological know-how and makes the captured carbon available for onsite reuse.

The depleted CO2 gasoline is sent lower back to the fuel network with multiplied calorific value. This task has been performed with technological aid from Carbon Clean, a global leader in low cost CO2 capture technology.


AI-Powered Project by Minister for Road Transport


The Union Minister for Road Transport launched ‘iRASTE’, an Artificial Intelligence-powered project. The venture goals to help decrease avenue accidents, recognize the elements accountable for these activities and come up with solutions to mitigate them. iRASTE is acronymed as Intelligent Solutions for Road Safety through Technology and Engineering.


♦ The project was launched on a pilot foundation in Nagpur, Maharashtra with the target of reducing accidents by 50 % in the city.

♦ The task is launched jointly by the Centre, Intel, INAI, IIIT-Hyderabad, CSIR-CRRI (Central Road Research Institute), Mahindra & Mahindra and Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC).

♦ The important focal point of the undertaking will focus on automobile safety, mobility analysis and road infrastructure security to go closer to a ‘Vision Zero’ accident scenario.

Ek Pahal Campaign” launched for Justice delivery at doorstep


The Ministry of Law and Justice has launched a Pan-India Special Campaign called “Ek Pahal Drive” for Justice Delivery at doorstep.


The campaign was launched in a bid to encourage mass registration under Tele-Law.


The campaign was launched by Department of Justice and NALSA.


This campaign seeks to actualize the aspiration of access to justice for citizens in India.

Justice in Preamble


The Preamble to the Constitution of India has recognised Justice as the first deliverable for the Indian citizens. A successful and vibrant democracy is where every citizen not only get guaranteed justice, but where justice is equitable. This principal mandates for State to create an environment where justice-delivery is looked as a citizen-centric service rather than a sovereign function.


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