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Madhya Pradesh assembly without deputy Speaker for 2 years

The Madhya Pradesh assembly has been without a deputy Speaker for two years, and the issue is back in focus in the run-up to the budget session, which starts on March 7.

Heena Likhiram Kavre was the last deputy Speaker of Vidhan Sabha when Congress was in power till March 2020. BJP returned to power after that, and the post remains vacant.

A deputy Speaker not only presides over the House sessions in the absence of the Speaker, but also heads important committees and works as coordinator between media gallery advisory committee and legislators and even heads the committee for revision of pay and allowances for MLAs. The Speaker has power to delegate the job to other senior MLAs in absence of deputy Speaker

As per the MP assembly tradition, set in the 1990s, the Speaker is appointed by the ruling party while the deputy Speaker post is given to the opposition. However, with 109 MLAs, BJP wanted to show its strength in the House in 2019 and asked for an election for the Speaker’s post.






Rise In Sea Level Report By US


According to an NOAA-led report, The united states will probably experience the maximum amount of water level rise by the year 2050 because it witnessed in the last hundred years.


  • NOAA released the report in partnership with other federal agencies. The report is titled “Sea Level Rise Technical Report.”
  • The report provides up-to-date water level rise projections for the US by decade for the next 100 years and beyond.
  • It’s supported by a mixture of satellite observations and tide gauges.
  • All the model ensembles from the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on global climate change (IPCC).
  • IPCC, an intergovernmental body under United Nations, is answerable for advancing knowledge on human-induced climate change.
  • IPCC was launched in 1988 by World Meteorological Organization (WMO). It’s headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It comprises 195 member states.



FSSAI Health Star Rating Part Of Packaged Food


Consumers will soon be ready to tell whether their food packaging is harmful or healthy and nutritious.


  • According to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), packaged food goods will soon display a ‘health star’ part of the new system.
  • This system will be almost like the one that’s getting used by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency to assess the energy efficiency in electrical devices.
  • The packaged foods will have several stars displayed on them to indicate whether the item is healthy or unhealthy.
  • The number of fats, sugar and salt within the food item determines the rating.
  • IIM Ahmedabad, regarding the methodology, conducted a study to display the health ratings of the food items.
  • The display of star ratings was recommended during this study because it would be easier for the customer to know.
  • It has been decided that the ratings will be placed ahead of the packets as studies show that this method is far more straightforward towards affecting the buyer’s selection.


Foreign Direct Policy In J&K


Jammu & Kashmir’s lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha has approved a Foreign direct investment (FDI) policy for the union territory with a Foreign stake of a minimum of 51 percent.


  • L-G Manoj Sinha approved the Policy for Promotion of Foreign Investment within the Industrial Sector in J&K during the Administrative Council (AC) gathering.
  • The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) guiding framework on FDI has supported this new policy.
  • This policy is going to be effective for the subsequent ten years.
  • The FDI policy in J&K aims for foreign investments worth quite Rs 100 crore with a minimum foreign stake of 51 percent.



Bhasha Certificate Selfie Campaign Launched By Education Ministry


The Ministry of Education has launched the Bhasha Certificate Selfie campaign.


  • Its aims to promote multilingualism and inspire cultural diversity so on foster the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat spirit.
  • This initiative aims to market the BhashaSangam mobile app, which has been developed by MyGov India and, therefore, the Ministry of Education.
  • People often learn 100+ daily use sentences in around 22 scheduled Indian languages using this app.
  • This initiative ensures that the country’s people acquire basic conversational skills in several Indian languages.
  •  Seventy-five lakh people learning basic conversational skills are set as a target to realize the target of this initiative.
  • Minister of Education and Skill Development Shri Dharmendra Pradhan had launched the BhashaSangam mobile app.


Immigration Visa Foreigners Registration Tracking Scheme Approved


The Government of India has approved the Immigration Visa Foreigners Registration Tracking (IVFRT) scheme’s continuation for 5 years till 31 March 31, 2026, with Rs 1,364.88 crore financial outlay.


  • This scheme looks to optimize and interlink functions associated with visa issuance, immigration, registration of foreigners, and tracking their movements within the country.
  • The scheme’s continuation demonstrates the government’s commitment to the IVFRT’s fundamental goal of upgrading and modernizing visa and immigration services.
  • IVFRT features a global reach and aims to optimize and connect functions that are associated with visa issuance, immigration, foreigner registration, and movement tracking in India by involving 192 Indian missions around the world, 12 Foreigners Regional Registration Officers and offices, 108 Immigration Check Posts in India, and over 700 Foreigners Registration Officers, Deputy Commissioners of Police and Superintendents of Police across the country.




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