Geographical location of Madhya pradesh

Geographical location of Madhya pradesh:- INTRODUCTION Madhya Pradesh is commonly abbreviated as M.P. in India local. Its name “Madhya Pradesh” means “Central Region” because is if located at Central of India in plains. Till year 2000, Madhya Pradesh was the largest state of India in area-wise but after creation of Chattisgarh state from Madhya Pradesh … Read more

Relief and Structure of Madhya Pradesh

Relief and Structure of Madhya Pradesh– In graphically, Madhya Pradesh state located at middle of India in plains  between latitude 21°04’N-26.87°N and longitude 74°02′-82°49′ E, Madhya Pradesh state is exactly located in center of the India map so it known as the “Central Region” of India and also known as the “Heart of India” or … Read more

Languages and Literature of Madhya Pradesh

Languages and Literature of Madhya  Pradesh Languages of MP Hindi is the State language of Madhya Pradesh. State of Madhya Pradesh was home of a number of population related to prominent Maratha states. Thus, Marathi and Urdu are spoken by a substantial number of populations in this centre state of India. Local Madhya Pradesh languageincludes Marathi … Read more

Fair and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh

Fair and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh Fairs can be called the panorama of culture of Madhya Pradesh and its colour full life style. Economically, socially and culturally, these fairs show a unique and rare combination which is not found elsewhere. The maximum number of fairs, if we look at them district wise numbering 227 are … Read more

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