DMPQ- What do you mean by fiscal consolidation? What are the ways to achieve fiscal consolidation.

Fiscal Consolidation refers to the policies undertaken by Governments (national and sub-national levels) to reduce their deficits and accumulation of debt stock. Fiscal Consolidation refers to the treatment of a group of entities as one entity for taxation purposes. Simply put, the parent entity would be accountable for the entire group’s tax liabilities. Thus in simple … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on Shadow banking? What are the issues associated with shadow banking?

The term refers to the practice of banking like activities performed by non-banking finance companies, which are not subject to strict regulation. However, these institutions function as intermediaries between the investors and the borrowers, providing credit and generating liquidity in the system. Although these entities do not accept traditional demand deposits offered by banks, they … Read more

DMPQ- What do you mean by revenue budget and capital budget? Explain the components of the respective meanings also.

The Revenue Budget comprises revenue receipts and expenditure met from these revenues. The revenue receipts include both tax revenue (like income tax, excise duty) and non-tax revenue (like interest receipts, profits). Capital Budget consists of capital receipts {like borrowing, disinvestment) and long period capital expenditure (creation of assets, investment). Capital receipts are receipts of the … Read more

DMPQ- Explain the following: a) GINI INDEX b) LAFFER CURVE

GINI INDEX: The Gini index is a simple measure of the distribution of income across income percentiles in a population. A higher Gini index indicates greater inequality, with high income individuals receiving much larger percentages of the total income of the population. Global inequality as measured by the Gini index increased over the 19th and … Read more

DMPQ- Aspirational District Programme.

Launched by the Hon’ble PM in January, the ‘Transformation of Aspirational Districts’ programme aims to quickly and effectively transform these districts. The broad contours of the programme are Convergence (of Central & State Schemes), Collaboration (of Central, State level ‘Prabhari’ Officers & District Collectors), and Competition among districts driven by a mass Movement. With States … Read more

DMPQ- Inclusive growth should be the foundation of growth story of India. Comment on the salient features of Inclusive Growth of India.

Growth is said to be inclusive when it is distributed fairly across society and creates opportunities for all. Growth is inclusive when it  permeates evenly across all sectors, to every nook and corner of country and take all stakeholders along. Salient features of Inclusive growth are as follows: Equity-More opportunities are available to enable upward … Read more

DMPQ-What is wealth creation? How it is beneficial for an economy?

Wealth creation is the enhancement of assets, efficiency in economy and overall value addition to GDP and to the all sectors of economy. Wealth creation helps in improving the standard of living by improving Personal income. It also lead to more taxes, employment generation. In India wealth creation is coterminous with the opening up of … Read more

DMPQ- Write short note on Voluntary retention route.

‘Voluntary Retention Route’ (VRR) to encourage Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) to undertake long-term investments in Indian debt markets. Under this scheme, FPIs have been given greater operational flexibility in terms of instrument choices besides exemptions from certain regulatory requirements. The details are as under: -The aggregate investment limit shall be ₹ 40,000 crores for VRR-Govt … Read more

DMPQ- Government has taken various step towards boosting consumption. Enumerate the number of steps taken by government to boost consumption.

Government has taken various measures to boost the incomes especially rural incomes to usher spending and consumption levels in the economy. Increase in the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for all mandated Rabi crops and Kharif crops for 2019-20 season. To provide an assured income support to the small and marginal farmers, the cash transfer scheme … Read more

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