DMPQ Premium- State the factors affecting cropping pattern in Madhya pradesh.

. In Madhya Pradesh, area allocated among different crops has shown a measure of structural rigidities, reflecting the traditional character of agriculture. Foodgrains remain the most predominant crop though the percent share in total cultivated area has declined from 86.5% in the trennium ending 1970-71 to 80.9% in 1987-88, and further to 73.3% during the trennium ending 1996-97.

Although the introduction of new technology has made a small dent in the cropping pattern, the impact was not so significant upto the beginning of 1980’s. The area under rice has not undergone any change and as percent of total cultivated area, has hovered between 20 to 21%. Similarly area under wheat has not shown any large increase, remaining at 15 to 16% of the total cultivated area, whereas in the country as a whole, there has been phenomenal increase in area under wheat. There has been slight decline in the percent share of pulses from 21.9% in 1983-84 to 20% in 1996- 97. Because of changes in relative profitability and low yield, cheap coarse cereals have been displaced by oilseeds, particularly soyabean.

The re-organized state of M.P. has lower percentage of total cultivated area under foodgrains and higher percentage under non-food grains, mainly due to oilseeds, particularly soyabean, compared to the composite state. It has more diversified cropping pattern compared to the Chhattisgarh state. In Chhattisgarh known as the “rice bowl” of Madhya Pradesh, rice is the main crop and covers 77% of the net shown area. It is mainly grown under rainfed conditions and the main source of irrigation is canals which are also dependant on rains. Chhattisgarh suffers from lack of irrigation and periodic droughts, causing migration of large work force from the state every year. There is a new thrust on horticulture development in the state since the creation of the new state.

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