Schemes and policies of Madhya Pradesh


Urban Administration & Development deals with the issues concerning Water

supply, Road Maintenance, Sewage water drainage, Solid Waste Management,

Street Lighting arrangement, development of slum areas, infrastructure

developmentetc in the urban areas of the State. Currently there are 377 ULBs

in the State comprising of 14 Municipal Corporations, 99 Municipal Councils

and 264 Nagar Panchayats functioning in the State.


  • Madhya Pradesh Urban services for poor (MPUSP) Programme

Withthe partnership of British Government’s Department for InternationalDevelopment (DfID) this programme has included 4 mega cities of State viz.

Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur aiming pro poor developmental works

in the slum areas including infrastructure development.

. Themajor objectives of the programme are as under:-

(1) To implement to urban management process through taking along

the urban poor and associating them in planning processes.

(2) In consideration of the goal implement urban infrastructure

schemes through assistance of the poor, the poor be entrusted

responsibilities of O&M for the infrastructure created by such


(3) In order to provide the poor living in urban areas a more reliable

service regime, strengthening of institutional structure at the

municipalities state level.

(4) To create a facilitating and enabling environment for the cities that

could lead them to desired development and enable them to achieve

the expected growth rate by resorting to better policies, legal and

institutional mechanisms.

(5) To assist in making provisions of safe drinking water and basic

services to the urban poor through ULBs.

(6) To enable state and municipal corporations more responsible and

effective in providing reliable services to the citizen in a

transparent manner .

  • Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) The

objectives of this centrally added scheme for the four big cities of Madhya

Pradesh are to improve and develop infrastructural facilities within their

jurisdiction. This scheme is being implemented in Bhopal/Indore/Jabalpur

and Ujjain has been included under heritage category town. Under this

scheme the Central Government Contribution is 50% except for Ujjain

where it is 80%.

  • Integrated Housing and Slum Development Project (IHSDP) This

Centrally Sponsored Scheme has been initiated by integrating the National

Slum Development Programme and ValmikiAmbedkar Housing Scheme

under sector reforms plan in December 2005 in its integral form under new

avatar with above name. Major objectives of this scheme are to provide the

Urban Poor with adequate housing and infrastructural facilities in the slum

areas. This scheme is being implemented in the cities and towns other than

those which are included in the JNNURM. Under this Scheme the cost of a

dwelling unit standardized is Rs. 80,000/-. 20% of the amount is reserved

for infrastructural Development in the slum area. For construction of

residential units Central Government contribution is 80%, State Government

contribution is 8% and the beneficiaries contribution is 12%

The area of a dwelling unit would be minimum 250 sqft.

Comprising at least 2 rooms, kitchen and a toilet.

State Sponsored Schemes

  • Training :To enhance capicities of Officials, Employees and elected

Representatives of the Urban Local Bdies, capicity building programmes,

trainings and workshops are organised with the help of Academy of

Administration and other reputed organisations of the Country

  • Group Insurance Scheme for Sanitary Workers The objectives of this

scheme are to help the successors of the Sanitary Worker in the event of their

untimely death. Under this scheme the family of the deceased Safai

Karmchariget benefit of Rs. 50,000/- on natural death, and Rs. 1,00,000/- in

case of accidental death.

  • Urban Sanitation Mission With the objectives of enhancing Life Standards

of the poor communities living in the urbar areas a special programme called

State Urban Sanitation Mission has been started with the holistic approach of

providing environmental and sanitary solution to dwellers in poor setlements

within integrated approach and methodology. Among other objectives the

mission envisages to:-

  1. To make the cities and towns of the state open defication free.
  2. The areas which are lacking sanitation facilities would be brought

under the coverage of adequate urban services and it would be ensured

that the dwellers in such areas get proper access to the sanitation


  1. Collection and safe disposal of kitchen and other waste generating from

the households.

  1. 100% collection, treatment and safe disposal of wastes generating from


  1. To prohibit mixing of biomedical and other harmful waste into urban


  1. To encourage the techniques and innovations, extension and research that

could be helpful in bringing down costs of construction of sanitation

amenities, soak pits etc. helpful to safely dispose human excreta.

  1. To develop an institutional and statutory mechanism that could ensure the

long terms benefits for the urban areas.

  1. Regulation of factors causing adverse effects on health and environment.
  2. Monitoring and evolution of citywise and sectorwise schemes.


Higher Education:-

Both economic and social development of nation depends upon infrastructure in

different sectors such as Road & Transport, housing both in rural and urban

area, industrial, agro-food processing, health and education etc. To build

required infrastructure, technically skilled and trained manpower is required for

each sector. For future planning of producing skilled manpower can be under

taken effectively, only if estimates of available manpower, required manpower,

by sectors and skill sets is available at nation and state level.

Include various schemes here.


State has the highest proportion of Scheduled Tribe population there are around

46 schedule tribes in the state. Of which, Government of India has recognized

Baiga, Bharia and Saharia tribes of the state (only in identified pockets) as

Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PTG) and considered as most backward

tribes. For the development of Scheduled Tribe population, it is proposed that

the district, with more than 25% of tribal population, should be considered as

“Special Area for Other Schemes and Sub Plans” and these district needs to be

treated at par with states which are classified as special category States. Even after building hostels, ashrams and schools of excellence still there is a gap which is yet to be filled in. Providing of quality education is other major problem, which is being faced by the state.



ATMA-     Agricultural Technology Management Agency

AGRISNET- Agriculture Information System Net Work

MPFC- Madhya Pradesh finance corporation

PICL-  provident investment company ltd.

MPSIDCO- M.P. state industrial development corporation ltd.

CED- centre for entrepreneurship development Madhya Pradesh

SMCL- state mining  corporation ltd.

ISOPOM: Integrated Scheme of Oilseeds,Oilpalm and Maize


Agriculture and allied activities:-

  • 26% of state domestic product
  • 71% of the total work force.
  • increasing productivity through inputs like more irrigation in rain fed areas, improved seeds with increased seed replacement rate, increased and balanced use of fertilizers, encouraging organic farming through use of organic and green manures, bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers

improving water harvesting through microminor,

  • improving ground water recharge


education related targets.:-

  • prime objectives –
  • 100% enrolment of 6-14 years children in school.
  • Elementary quality education.
  • Primary school facility within a distance of one km. radius of each habitation and Upper Primary schools within a reach of 3 Kms
  • reducing dropout rate to less than 5%
  • reducing Gender gap at upper primary level to less than 5% or to zero,



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