Awards of Madhya Pradesh

Awards of Madhya Pradesh Kalidas samman The Kalidas Samman is a prestigious arts award presented annually by the government of Madhya Pradesh in India. The award is named after Kālidāsa, a renowned Classical Sanskrit writer of ancient India. The Kalidas Samman was first awarded in 1980. It was initially conferred in alternate years in the … Read more

12-13.11.17 (MPPCS) Madhya Pradesh Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   State Players Bag 2 Medals In National School Championship   The players of Madhya Pradesh State Athletics Academy brought laurels to the State by winning two gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal at the National School Championship.   It is to be noted that the academy was set up … Read more

27.10.17 (MPPCS) Madhya Pradesh Current Affairs

MADHYA PRADESH   State All Set To Celebrate Foundation Day On Nov 1 With Enthusiasm   Madhya Pradesh is all set to celebrate its 62nd foundation day on November 1. All the preparations have almost been completed at the Lal Parade Ground.   While informing about the event, govt official said that this time, the … Read more

Fishing of Madhya Pradesh

Fishing of Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh is the largest geographic unit of the country. Except for the valleys of the Narmada and Tapti, Madhya Pradesh is mainly plateau land, with a mean elevation of 488 m above sea level, interspersed with mountains of the Vindhya and the Satpura ranges. With an average rainfall of 76 … Read more

Industrial Developement of Madhya Pradesh

Industrial Developement of Madhya Pradesh:- Madhya Pradesh, the second largest Indian state, is endowed with rich natural resources, salubrious climate and fertile agro-climatic conditions. In the recent years, Indian economy has changed substantially. Market forces have begun to dictate investment flows across the industrial sectors. Accelerating investments in industrial development for economic growth is one … Read more

Population of Madhya Pradesh

  Population of Madhya Pradesh   Madhya Pradesh is large state in central India located in the geographic heart of India, between latitude 21.2°N-26.87°N and longitude 74°02′-82°49′ E, retains landmarks from eras throughout Indian history.Nicknamed the “heart of India” due to itsgeographical  location in India.  The state is the second- largest  in the country by area. … Read more

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